Achieve Lean Manufacturing with BeamCut

Achieve Lean Manufacturing in Your Steel Fabrication Shop

CNC Software, Lean ManufacturingBeamCut is state-of-the-art robotic plasma cutting technology that is designed to elevate your steel fabrication business to whole new levels of success. One of the key benefits of this remarkable X-Definition plasma machine is that it will improve lean manufacturing for your shop thanks to its advanced and user-friendly CNC software, which will:

Eliminate Wasted Materials

With BeamCut on your side, you’ll be able to manually calibrate cutting tolerances, nest your parts, and track robotic cutting paths, all on one easy-to-use interface. The result is fewer cutting mistakes and wasted materials.

Fully Automate the Entire Fabrication

BeamCut is so powerful and easy to use that it can handle every step of the fabrication. Simply load the material, bring up the profile in the 3D simulation software, hit the start button, and watch BeamCut produce pristine and accurate fabrication. By automating the entire process, BeamCut will:

Free Up Valuable Floor Space

BeamCut replaces drill lines, band saws, coping and grinding stations, punches, and layout and marking stations, freeing up floor space in your shop.

Downsize Your Workforce

Because BeamCut’s impressive CNC software handles all steps of the fabrication, it only requires one technician to operate, allowing you to maintain a lean workforce. Gone are the days of having to hire multiple specialists for each machine.

Our Goal Is To Help Your Fabrication Business Succeed

We understand how important lean manufacturing is to the success of your steel fabrication business. That’s why we’ll provide free and unlimited phone and internet support for life with your purchase. To learn more about how you can achieve lean manufacturing with BeamCut, contact us today.