Advantages & Disadvantages of Continuous Steel Beam Construction

Advantages & Disadvantages of Continuous Steel Beams Continuous steel beams consist of two or more beams that are welded together and supported by other beams to create a stable, yet flexible, component for large-scale structures. For instance, continuous beams are used in bridges, multi-story buildings, complex roof structures, and other construction projects. There are both advantages and disadvantages of continuous steel beams. Let’s take a closer look at each.


Here are some common reasons why continuous steel beams are used in construction:

  • They have a higher vertical load capacity.
  • They reduce deflection of the mid-span.
  • They reduce the number of decks and bearings that are required in bridge-building.
  • They require fewer tendon anchorages.
  • They offer redundant load paths.
  • They strengthen the structure while also minimizing its weight.
  • They are economical because they cost less than other materials.
  • They have low sensitivity to vibrations, making them ideal for load-reversal designs in earthquake-prone areas.


Continuous steel beams aren’t always the ideal option, however. Here are some disadvantages of this building material:

  • They increase internal forces on columns.
  • They increase lateral forces on supporting beams.
  • They add complexity to the design and require specialized professionals to ensure they’re used properly.

Fabricating Continuous Steel Beams

Due to their various advantages and disadvantages, continuous steel beams have very specific uses in the design of super-structures. Professional fabricators who specialize in structural steel can improve the quality and turnaround times of their continuous steel beam production when they have BeamCut on their side.

What Is BeamCut?

BeamCut is the industry’s most advanced CNC robotic plasma cutting technology. With its fully automated operations, BeamCut reduces material handling, in turn minimizing damage to the raw material and safety risks to personnel, and can therefore reduce your production time by as much as 80%. That’s a substantial return on investment! Plus, with state-of-the-art features such as a 360-degree beveling FANUC robotic arm, powerful Hypertherm X-Definition plasma, and user-friendly CNC software, BeamCut delivers nothing short of perfection on every project.

Less Space, Less Labor

BeamCut is designed to handle every step of the fabrication of continuous steel beams in one pass. In fact, it can replace other equipment in your shop, such as band saws and layout/marking stations, freeing up space and minimizing the number of technicians needed for fabrication. With its automated operations, BeamCut will reduce cutting mistakes and allow you to maintain a lean workforce, further helping to save on production costs.

Learn More

To learn more about how BeamCut can improve your production of continuous steel beams and help you get ahead in a crowded industry, contact us today. When you do, we’ll be glad to tell you about the free and unlimited lifetime support that we’ll include with your purchase.