Advantages of CNC Beam Coping vs. Conventional/Manual Coping

Advantages of CNC Beam Coping vs. Manual Coping

Advantages of CNC Beam Coping vs. Conventional CopingSteel fabrication machines have come a long way over the years. There was once a time when every step in the process and every part that needed to be made was done by skilled technicians on separate machines. Now, thanks to improvements in CNC technology, what was once a multi-step operation can be conducted in one fell swoop.

The Future of CNC Plasma Cutting Technology Is Here

While CNC beam machines have certainly revolutionized steel fabrication processes, BeamCut goes even further. This remarkable robotic plasma cutting technology outperforms all fabrication systems that came before it and provides numerous advantages over conventional/manual coping processes, including:

Lean Manufacturing

BeamCut is designed to handle every step of steel fabrication. In fact, it replaces older technology, such as drill lines, band saws, layout and marking stations, and coping and grinding stations. Not only will this free up much-needed space in your shop, but it will also allow you to maintain a lean staff – the automated fabrication process requires only one operator! Gone are the days of having to purchase multiple machines and hire specialized technicians to run them.

Better Quality Cuts with Fewer Mistakes

The CNC software of BeamCut was designed by the automation experts at Machitech and is very easy to use. By providing a 3-D simulation environment where cutting tolerances can be calibrated, parts can be nested, and robotic cut paths can be tracked, this revolutionary software all but eliminates mistakes and wasted materials.

As a final example of why BeamCut is the premier alternative to conventional coping machines, consider this statistic: BeamCut can reduce your production time by as much as 80 percent. When you consider all the cost-saving benefits that this industry-leading fabrication technology provides, it’s easy to see how your ROI can be substantial. Contact us today to learn more!