The Advantages of Laser Cutting for Steel Fabrication

There are many advantages of laser cutting for steel fabrication. While plasma cutting provides superior results, the laser cutting option still offers a flexible, precise, and versatile option. So, for the sake of fairness, let’s take a look at some of the benefits that both laser and plasma cutting for steel fabrication can provide.

  • Flexibility – One of the great things about laser cutting (and plasma cutting as well), is that it does not require switching tools to produce different cuts. This means that you do not need to sharpen tools or change them during the steel fabrication process. The same setup can produce a wide range of shapes, making this a very flexible option.
  • Precision Laser cutting has a smaller margin of error than some other steel fabrication methods, allowing you to produce very precise cuts.
  • Consistency – Laser fabrication is a great way to create accurate and uniform pieces of metal, allowing manufacturers to reliably create products with the same size, shape, thickness, etc.
  • Speed – While not as quick as plasma cutting, laser cutting provides a quick and convenient option.
  • Energy Usage – As with plasma cutting, laser cutting is more energy efficient than other options for steel fabrication. This method requires about only 20% of the energy required for other types of cutting machines.
  • Low Effort – Laser cutting provides the unique benefit of automation. This process requires some level of human labor to ensure safety and proper operation, but the process can be highly automated under the right supervision.
  • Easy Finish – With the precision of laser cutting, you get to enjoy reduced finish requirements. There will simply be fewer imperfections to worry about after the initial cutting phase.
  • Versatility – Also like plasma cutting, laser cutting can create a variety of customized designs and shapes, making this a highly versatile option for a wide range of steel fabrication needs.

Laser Cutting vs. Plasma Cutting for Steel Fabrication

While there are many great aspects of laser cutting for steel fabrication, the truth is, that you can get all of these benefits and more from a plasma cutter. In fact, when it comes down to it, plasma cutting is definitely the superior option between the two.

Specifically, the 6-axis robotic CNC cell BeamCut provides levels of flexibility, speed, and efficiency that laser cutters simply cannot match. While laser cutting provides versatility, ease of use, consistency, speed, precision, and many other benefits, plasma offers a higher standard of all of these traits.

The Right Choice For Steel Fabrication

With its unique CNC software, the BeamCut has been designed to offer maximum automation and incredible ease of use. This plasma cutter offers 3-D simulation to calibrate cutting tolerances, eliminate mistakes and prevent material waste.

For steel fabrication, plasma cutting is more efficient, affordable, and flexible, providing detailed and consistent solutions for all of your metal cutting needs. When considering your options for creating an affordable and efficient steel fabrication process, the choice is simple. The BeamCut offers a standard of precision and functionality that can’t be beat. Contact us today to learn more!

The Operator Control System is an industrial grade touch screen computer that is both powerful and easy to use. It features the most advanced windows based operating systems on the market.
Hypertherm’s versatile plasma systems have been designed and built for maximum efficiency and productivity for x-y cutting, chamfering and robotics operations. Combined with the Fanuc robot arm, it produces perfect bolt holes with no taper.
The Infeed and Outfeed Conveyors ensure precise and quick positioning of the material. They are manufactured of 4" heavy duty rollers mounted on pillow-blocks on solid heavy duty welded frame. A motor that is located in the central unit drives the conveyor rollers.
Our custom Photo-Laser Measuring Device is unique to the industry allowing automatic splitsecond profiling and positioning of your piece and guarantees the most precise cut possible.
Our mobile measuring ensures continuous monitoring of the piece length by moving along the infeed conveyor following the piece. Its special design makes up to 2x more precise than other measuring devices.
The safety enclosure is state of the art. It serves to delimit the space reserved for robotic cutting and the circulation area around the system. Our safety latch work envelope door allows for easy access and will shut the machine down if opened during production. In addition, an air outlet with a market leading 4250 CFM blower makes it possible to extract the smoke (dust collector not included - optional) and prevents health risks associated with plasma smoke. The safety cabinet complies with OSHA and Canadian safety standards and may help lower insurance costs.