Advantages of Plasma Cutting for Structural Steel Fabrication

Advantages of Plasma Cutting Plasma cutting is a thermal process rather than a mechanical one, meaning it uses heat to cut through metal plates instead of a physical saw. It is a popular tool for structural steel fabrication as it can easily handle oversized plates and streamline production. Before we look into specific advantages of plasma cutting, let’s get a better understanding of how it works.

What Exactly Is Plasma & How Does Plasma Cutting Work?

Plasma is a gas-like substance that is created when compressed air becomes electrically charged. Even though plasma resembles gas, its ionized properties allow it to flow like a liquid. When used for structural steel fabrication, the electrically charged plasma generated by the cutting head reacts with the conductive material to create an intense flame that melts through the plate. While the flame cuts the plate, the force of the plasma flowing through the nozzle blows away slag, leaving behind clean cutting lines.

Benefits for Structural Steel Fabricators

Because plasma cutting utilizes electrically charged air, it can process both nonferrous and ferrous materials unlike flame cutting, which can only process the latter. It also generates smaller and more precise kerf than flame cutting, and it outpaces oxy-fuel in cutting speed. Plasma cutting is most effective at processing medium- to high-thickness plates around 50 mm, or roughly 2 in, thick but can effectively handle materials up to 150 mm, or about 6 in, thick, making it the ideal cutting method for structural steel fabrication.

CNC Controls for Automated Processing

The plasma cutting process can produce better quality cuts of oversized materials, and with automated CNC controls, the process can be optimized for large-scale production. CNC software allows the technician to upload a given profile, run quality tests, and automate processing, effectively eliminating the risk of cutting mistakes and remedying bottlenecks in production. Professional structural steel fabricators often utilize CNC plasma cutting machines for their day-to-day operations.

The Most Advanced CNC Plasma Cutting Technology on the Market

When it comes to CNC plasma cutting for structural steel fabrication, BeamCut is raising the bar. This remarkable technology is equipped with industry-leading X-Definition plasma from Hypertherm. Combine this with the six-axis FANUC robotic arm, and BeamCut can process nearly any shape or profile the blueprints require. Plus, BeamCut features easy-to-use CNC controls and an all-in-one design to automate production.

Automated Operations

BeamCut replaces punches, drill lines, band saws, coping and grinding stations, and layout and marking stations, processing all these steps automatically and in one pass. Additionally, it only requires one technician to operate, helping to save on labor costs, and minimizes waste by delivering perfect fabrications. The end result is a reduction in production time by as much as 80%, a significant return on investment for structural steel fabricators looking to get ahead in the industry.

As if these benefits weren’t enough, BeamCut comes with free and unlimited support for life. To learn more about this exceptional CNC plasma cutting technology and how it can take your shop to a new level of success, contact us today.