Advantages of Steel Staircases

underside of steel staircase system

When it comes to building staircases for buildings, ships, equipment, or other types of structures, structural steel offers many advantages over other materials. For instance, wood may seem like a viable option, as it is easy to assemble and has a beautiful look. But of course wood has a definitive lifespan, whereas structural steel lasts much longer. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of structural steel as a material for building staircases.


No matter how much it is chemically treated, timber will always be at risk of damage from wood-eating insects and the elements. If the staircase is outside, rain and snow can quickly degrade a wooden staircase. A steel staircase, on the other hand, is immune to these risks and will stand strong for years on end.


Even small damage can add up over time and weaken the structural stability of a wood staircase, which then can become a safety hazard. The strength of steel is virtually unmatched, and a steel staircase is a safe and secure option that will retain its structure no matter what kind of weather or how many thousands of footsteps it’s exposed to.


Structural steel can be formed into nearly any shape, making design possibilities almost endless. When specially shaped staircases are required—for instance, if the blueprints for a building call for a multi-platform, spiral, or decorative staircase—steel can be easily processed to meet the exact design specifications.

Easy Maintenance

The structural steel used in a staircase can be treated to resist rust and impacts. After this initial treatment, a steel staircase requires very little maintenance to keep it looking like new. Compare this to timber, which needs regular sanding and re-application of chemical treatments over time.


Structural steel is a relatively affordable material that can help keep the costs of fabricating a staircase on budget.

Fabricating Structural Steel for Staircases

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