Benefits of Structural Steel in Construction

Benefits of Structural Steel in Construction No matter what type of structure may be outlined in blueprints, be it a building, bridge, or ship, structural steel is likely a key component of the design. In fact, the demand for structural steel is so high that professional fabricators can do quite well for themselves if they produce quality work and deliver it on time. Why is structural steel so important in the construction industry? Because its benefits are numerous. Let’s review some of these benefits, starting with the two most important: strength and malleability.


Buildings, bridges, and ships must be able to support enormous weight. And when it comes to sheer strength, few materials can outperform steel. Combine its strength with lightweight properties—structural steel weighs up to a third less than comparable materials—and it’s easy to see why structural steel is a key component of nearly every structure.


Even though it is extra strong, structural steel is also flexible, allowing it to be easily shaped into nearly any profile a blueprint calls for. Steel is also an alloy and can therefore be adapted for specific physical and mechanical properties.


As if strength and malleability weren’t enough, structural steel also costs less than other materials—another no-brainer as to why it is so popular in construction applications.

Low Maintenance

While other raw materials can wear down over time (wood being notoriously prone to early degradation), structural steel can withstand nearly any type of weather condition for decades on end with very little maintenance required. It can also be easily repaired when needed.

Environmentally Friendly

Refining structural steel requires less energy and produces less carbon dioxide compared to other materials. And because it can be endlessly recycled and reused, steel can be used in numerous applications for many lifetimes.

How Structural Steel Is Fabricated

Specialists in the structural steel and plate fabrication industry must be able to perfectly fabricate steel materials to precisely match what is detailed in the blueprints. To ensure perfection, professional fabricators rely on the power of BeamCut, the industry’s most advanced CNC plasma beam and coping machine. BeamCut makes it easier for structural steel fabricators to take their business to the next level of success by helping to:

Perfect Cuts

BeamCut features a state-of-the-art FANUC robotic arm, powered by Hypertherm’s legendary X-Definition plasma, that can bevel 360 degrees and process nearly any shape or profile commonly used in the construction industry.

Reduce Waste

BeamCut’s user-friendly CNC software allows fabricators to eliminate cutting mistakes by manually calibrating cutting paths, nesting parts, and tracking robotic cut paths before the work begins.

Speed Up Production

BeamCut’s advanced technology automates the structural steel and plate fabrication process and can reduce production time by as much as 80%, a phenomenal return on investment!

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If you are a professional structural steel fabricator and want to learn more about how BeamCut can help you get an edge on your competitors, contact us today. When you do, be sure to ask about the free and unlimited lifetime support you’ll receive with your purchase.