Best Plasma Cutter for Stainless Steel

close-up view of robotic cutting head on plasma cutting machinePlasma cutting is a powerful process that can be used to fabricate a variety of steel materials, including stainless steel. In fact, there are many industries where stainless steel products are in demand—food and beverage, oil and gas, and pharmaceutical being just three examples—and creating these products with absolute precision and delivering them on time can certainly help professional fabricators stay ahead of their competition. That’s why so many of them rely on the power of BeamCut, one of the most advanced CNC plasma cutting systems in the industry.

Improving Stainless Steel Fabrication

Fabricating stainless steel by hand is never a perfect process and can result in cutting mistakes and wasted materials. With BeamCut’s user-friendly CNC software, technicians can manually calibrate cutting tolerances, nest parts, and track robotic cut paths, allowing them to identify and remedy any errors before the work begins. The result is perfectly processed stainless steel on every pass and therefore less waste and associated costs.

Speeding Up Production of Stainless Steel

Another drawback to cutting stainless steel by hand is that, no matter how experienced or skilled the technician, they can never match the speed of BeamCut. Fully automated, BeamCut removes bottlenecks in production and can reduce turnaround times by as much as 80%. That’s a significant return on investment! Add to that the savings that shop owners can reap by maintaining a lean staff—BeamCut requires only one technician to operate—and it’s not hard to see how BeamCut can reduce operating costs.

Another example of how BeamCut speeds up production of stainless steel is that it performs the work of punches, drill lines, band saws, coping and grinding stations, and layout and marking stations in one pass. Indeed, thanks to its all-in-one design, this impressive CNC robotic plasma cutting technology replaces all of this equipment, freeing up space on the shop floor.

Standard Features of BeamCut

BeamCut is equipped with some of the most advanced features in the industry. These include:

  • FANUC robotics – The six-axis, 360-degree-beveling robotic arm can make short work of nearly any shape or profile. It is also three times stronger and lasts three times longer than similar robotics.
  • X-Definition plasma – Hypertherm’s reliable plasma system is one of the most powerful in its class.
  • CAD/CAM/CNC software – BeamCut’s advanced CAD/CAM/CNC software is accessible on one easy-to-use interface and requires no annual service contract.

With these three state-of-the-art features, as well as other equipment, such as remote real-time monitoring, linear-laser profiling, and pipe-cutting attachments, BeamCut is a power resource for shop owners who are looking to get ahead of their competition.

Learn More About How BeamCut Supports Stainless Steel Fabrication

For more information about BeamCut and how this impressive CNC plasma cutting technology helps improve stainless steel fabrication, contact us today. When you do, we’ll be glad to tell you about the free and unlimited lifetime support that comes with every BeamCut purchase.