C-Shaped Channel Beams

C-Shaped Channel Beams

C-Shapes Channel BeamsC-shaped channel beams, also called structural channel and parallel flange channel (PFC) beams, have a unique shape consisting of a wide web, typically aligned vertically, and two flanges that stick out from one side of the beam. The one-sided flanges make this beam easily discernible from other types of beams and give it the “C” shape.

Uses in the Industry

C-shaped channel beams are not as commonly used as other profiles in the construction industry due to the inherent weakness in the design—because both flanges are on one side, the beam cannot bear as much weight as other structural steel beams. Therefore, the design of the structure must specifically call for a C-shaped beam, where the flat side is often mounted to another flat surface to maximize contact. Two C-shaped beams can also be welded together on the flat side to form an I-beam.

Perfect Your C-Shape Beam Production

Though C-shaped beams may not be as common as other profiles, your structural steel fabrication company nonetheless needs to be able to produce these when needed. And, you’ll want to ensure that your beams are perfectly fabricated. With BeamCut on your side, you’ll be able to maximize the quality of your production and speed up your output.

Features of BeamCut

This state-of-the-art robotic plasma cutting technology features an advanced, six-axis FANUC robotic arm that is designed to last three times longer than similar products on the market, as well as the latest X-Definition plasma from Hypertherm as its fuel source. Combining these features with easy-to-use CNC software and fully automated operations, BeamCut delivers exceptional performance that can truly help your structural steel fabrication business reach a new level of success.

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