Common Structural Steel Beam Shapes

Robotic Plasma-Cutting Technology that Can Cut Any Steel Shape or Profile in the Industry

Common Structural Steel Beam Shapes

When you consider the range of fabrication that BeamCut is capable of, it is truly a remarkable X-Definition plasma machine. Thanks to its six-axis FANUC robotic arm, which is four times stronger than its closest competitor, and powerful Hypertherm XPR300 plasma, BeamCut can cut any shape or profile in the structural steel fabrication industry.

A Fully Developed Shape Library

BeamCut’s user-friendly CAD/CAM/CNC software includes a robust library of shapes from which you can export profiles for fabrication. BeamCut can easily fabricate any shape you need, including:

For custom fabrication, you can draw the shapes you need freehand using the advanced software. Once you’ve imported the profile or drawn your shape, you can then nest your parts and move the file to CNC for fabrication.

3D Simulation to Eliminate Errors

With your profile in the 3D simulation CNC software, you’ll be able to manually calibrate cutting tolerances and track robotic cutting paths before the fabrication begins to eliminate programming mistakes, optimize your materials, and reduce waste. And, because the entire fabrication can be done in one pass, you only need to press the start button for a perfectly fabricated beam. In fact, BeamCut requires only one technician to operate and can therefore help you maintain a lean workforce.

The next step in your structural metal fabrication company’s success is before you. Contact us today to learn more about how BeamCut can help your business attain new levels of success.