Eliminating Drawbacks of Manual Coping With a CNC Coping Machine

steel beams that are bolted togetherCoping is one of the most important aspects of structural steel and plate fabrication, as this process ensures the finished beams fit precisely together. That secure fit is largely dependent on how accurately coping is performed. Traditionally, coping was done by hand. Modern steel fabrication shops, however, now use CNC coping machines to eliminate the common drawbacks of manual coping.

Inefficiencies of Manual Coping

In the past, beams were marked by hand where a relief needed to be cut, and then a fabricator would cut the relief with a handheld torch. That’s a lot of potential for human error, and indeed, coping mistakes are common and costly when performed by hand. Here are some problematic issues with manual coping:

  • Lengthy layout times – A lot of time is required to set up materials and equipment by hand.
  • Incorrect coping lines – Laying out coping lines is a precise task that only highly experienced steelworkers can produce accurately by hand. One minuscule mistake leads to an inaccurate cut.
  • Inaccurate cuts – Whether because of an improperly drawn coping line or an unsteady hand, inaccurate cuts can result in wasted materials. Examples of inaccuracy include cuts at the wrong angle or in the wrong location and misaligned holes.
  • Additional clean-up work – Almost always, manual coping will require grinding to smooth down cut edges by removing dross and slag. This means more labor costs, longer production times, and more equipment taking up space.

How CNC Coping Machines Solve These Inefficiencies

CNC coping machines are computer controlled to eliminate human error and ultimately wasted materials and costs. Automated operations take control of the entire process, from layout to grinding, which can result in:

  • Better accuracy – Layouts can be extracted from engineering data and specific cuts programmed for automated processing.
  • Speedier turnarounds – A computer-controlled machine will outpace even the most skillful steelworker and significantly speed up the coping process.
  • Less waste – By reducing human involvement, a CNC coping machine can save on costs associated with cutting mistakes and labor.

BeamCut—The Industry’s Most Advanced Coping Machine

When it comes to advanced CNC coping technology, BeamCut is a renowned name in the industry. This remarkable robotic plasma-cutting system for structural steel and plate fabrication removes human error from the coping process by automating production. The user-friendly CNC software allows you to manually calibrate cutting tolerances, nest parts, and track robotic cut paths to ensure error-free processing. Plus, thanks to its all-in-one design, BeamCut will replace your shop’s coping and grinding stations, layout and marking stations, band saws, drill lines, and punches, performing all of these tasks in one pass and freeing up valuable space. And because it only requires one technician to operate, BeamCut can help you maintain a lean workforce.

Learn More About BeamCut

For more information about BeamCut and how this incredible robotic plasma-cutting technology for structural steel and plate fabrication can take your shop to the next level of success, contact us today. When you do, we’ll tell you about the free and unlimited support you’ll receive for life.