Fabricating Connections for Steel Structures

Fabricating Connections for Steel Structures

Fabricating Connections for Steel StructuresStructural steel beams that are used in various structures, including skyscrapers, arenas, and bridges, require steel connections to support them. And because these massive steel beams need to cross expansive lengths and surround sprawling three-dimensional spaces, a variety of expertly fabricated connectors are needed to support these weight-bearing systems.

Types of Steel Connections

Connections, or links, between steel beams are either bolted on or welded. Both applications are economical and easy to perform. However, bolts are commonly used in structures where safety is a primary concern as they tend to make stronger connections. Steel connections fall under three categories: framed, seated, and end plate.

  • Framed connections – Framed connections are bolted or welded to the beam with fittings.
  • Seated connections – A seated connection essentially holds the beam in place as the link is made, making it a more stable option for bolting and welding.
  • End plate connections – Fastened to both sides of a steel beam, end plate connections restrict movements between the beam and column. However, end plate connections are not ideal for tall structures.

Importance of Accurate Fabrications

As with structural steel beams, steel connections must be fabricated precisely if they are to do their job of bearing the structure’s weight. Because connections are always in demand, every professional steel fabricator should be able to make perfect steel links for their customers. In a crowded market, any fabrication company that falls behind in quality will quickly be hung out to dry by competitors who are at the top of their game. To ensure you are always delivering impeccably crafted steel connections to your customers, you’ll need the industry’s most advanced plasma cutting technology on your side.

BeamCut—Robotic Plasma Cutting Technology Like No Other

Structural steel fabricators who are ready to take their business to the next level by perfecting their production and improving the quality of steel connections can rely on BeamCut. This world-class CNC plasma cutting technology is designed with multiple state-of-the-art features, such as:

Advanced Robotics

The six-axis FANUC robotic arm can bevel 360 degrees and cut any shape or profile. It is built to be three times stronger and last three times longer than the industry standard.

Powerful Plasma

Featuring the latest X-Definition plasma from Hypertherm, BeamCut is one of the most powerful robotic plasma cutters of its kind.

CNC Software

As advanced as BeamCut is, its CNC software is extremely easy to use. Manually calibrate cutting tolerances, nest parts, and track robotic cutting paths all on one easy-to-use interface.

Automated Operations

BeamCut is fully automated and can handle every step of the fabrication process in one pass, replacing your punches, drill lines, band saws, coping and grinding stations, and layout and marking stations. Only one technician is needed to load the material, pull up the profile, and press the start button, allowing you to maintain a lean workforce and save on labor costs.

Learn More About This Remarkable Technology

For more information about how BeamCut can improve your fabrication of steel connections and reduce your production time by as much as 80%, contact us today.