Fabricating Steel Conveyor Systems

Fabricating Steel Conveyor Systems

Fabricating Steel Conveyor Systems

Steel fabricators are tasked with creating many types of equipment for their customers. Companies in the manufacturing industry, for instance, often require conveyor systems in their factories. Considering the nearly endless ways conveyors can be designed, fabricators need the right technology to deliver the result their clients expect. If fabricating conveyor systems is your specialty, you’ll want to know about BeamCut, the industry’s most advanced CNC plasma cutting technology.

Processing Every Step of Conveyor Fabrication

There are many steel parts required for a conveyor system, from the framework to the pulleys and metal belt. BeamCut is equipped with state-of-the-art features to make short work of these parts, ensuring each one is finished perfectly.

Advanced FANUC Robotics

BeamCut’s six-axis FANUC robotic arm can bevel 360 degrees and can cut any shape or profile needed for conveyor fabrication.

X-Definition Hypertherm Plasma

Fueled by Hypertherm’s XPR300 plasma, BeamCut is one of the most powerful robotic plasma cutting systems on the market.

Easy-to-Use CNC Software

BeamCut’s user-friendly CNC software prevents costly mistakes by allowing you to manually calibrate cutting tolerances, nest parts, and track robotic cutting paths in a 3-D simulation environment.

Fully Automated Fabrication

BeamCut is fully automated and only requires one technician to operate. Simply set the conveyor profile in the software, load the steel material, and press the start button. Then, watch BeamCut work its magic with confidence knowing that the end result will be absolutely perfect.

To learn more about how BeamCut can improve your production of steel conveyor systems, contact us today.