Fabricating Steel Plates for the Shipbuilding Industry

Fabricating Steel Plates for Shipbuilding

Shipbuilding production requires large amounts of structural steel plates. It’s no surprise, then, that this industry can be a boon to professional structural steel fabricators. The types of steel plates used in shipbuilding vary depending on their applications, and because they come in numerous shapes and sizes, fabricators must be able to produce perfect plates for shipbuilding companies.

Types of Steel Plates Used for Shipbuilding

The types of steel plates used for shipbuilding fall into three general categories: high strength, medium strength, and corrosion resistant. High-strength steel is typically used in the hull and main structural components, while medium-strength steel is used for other parts of the ship’s structure. Corrosion-resistant steel is used for oil tanks, piping, or other applications where chemicals need to be stored.

Why Are Ships Made From Steel?

Structural steel for shipbuilding has a high tensile strength, making it strong enough to withstand the force of the ocean. In addition to its durability, structural steel also typically weighs less than other metals, which means ships can be lighter. Lighter ships do not require as much fuel to operate, and they generate less exhaust. The benefits of structural steel for shipbuilding were fully realized in World War II when the need for tough yet light-weight watercraft was in full demand. Today, with advances in the quality of structural steel used in shipbuilding, it is widely used as the core material for constructing ships.

How to Fabricate Steel Plates for the Shipbuilding Industry

Professional fabricators who want to tap into the reservoir of opportunity that the shipbuilding industry offers for their services need to be equipped with the proper technology to ensure they stand out from other fabricators who are competing for the same jobs. To take your structural steel fabrication business to the next level of success by improving the quality and turnaround time of your work, equip your shop with the power of BeamCut, the industry’s most advanced plasma cutting technology.

Why BeamCut Is Right for Your Shop

BeamCut is designed for all-in-one processing and will replace your shop’s band saws, drill lines, punches, layout and marking stations, and coping and grinding stations. This will not only free up space in your shop, but it’ll also optimize your production by handling every step of the fabrication in one pass.

Industry-Leading Features

BeamCut combines the versatility of a 360-degree beveling FANUC robotic arm with the power of Hypertherm X-Definition plasma. Its user-friendly CNC software will allow you to manually calibrate cutting tolerances, nest parts, and track robotic cutting paths to prevent mistakes before they happen. And because operations are fully automated, BeamCut can reduce bottlenecks in your production and help you save on labor costs as it only requires one technician to operate.

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If you’re looking to make your structural steel fabrication business more successful in the shipbuilding industry, contact us today to learn more about how BeamCut can help get you there. With your purchase, we’ll include free and unlimited lifetime support.