Hollow Steel Section (HSS) Profiles

Hollow Steel Section (HSS) Profiles

Hollow Steel Section (HSS) ProfilesHollow steel section (HSS) profiles are steel beams with a hollow cross section. HSS can come in a variety of shapes, including circular, elliptical, square, and rectangular (square and rectangular HSS are sometimes called tube steel or box sections). The wall thickness of HSS is uniform around the cross section, but the rounded corners are typically twice as thick.

How HSS Is Used in Structures

HSS is a versatile choice for structures that require loading in multiple directions, as the cross-sectional axes provide uniform strength across the structure. Its unique design also makes it exceptionally resistant to torsion and lateral torsional buckling. HSS is typically used for columns and aesthetic purposes, particularly in exposed structures.

Perfectly Fabricated HSS Profiles

Structural steel fabricators who specialize in HSS fabrication can rely on BeamCut to deliver the precise results they need to get ahead in the industry. BeamCut’s advanced, six-axis FANUC robotic arm can cut any shape or profile in the industry, including angled or curved HSS shapes, thanks to its 360-degree beveling capabilities and powerful X-Definition Hypertherm plasma.

HSS CutterBeamCut features hydraulic clamps (included standard) to firmly hold round HSS in place, preventing it from rotating during fabrication, and can be equipped with an optional round tube cutter for greater precision. Plus, BeamCut’s user-friendly CAD/CAM/CNC software will help to eliminate cutting mistakes, and its fully automated operation will process every step of the HSS fabrication in one pass, freeing you to work on other projects.

For more information about how BeamCut can improve your production of HSS and help your structural steel fabrication business outpace your competitors, contact us today.