How Automation Improves Structural Steel Fabrication

Automation Improves Structural Steel Fabrication As so many professional structural steel fabricators have learned over the years, automating the fabrication process can deliver numerous benefits. With the right CNC plasma cutting equipment installed in your shop, you can reap a significant return on investment by automating your production. Benefits of automated structural steel fabrication include:

Better Precision of Fabricated Steel Plates

Structural steel CNC plasma cutting machines process materials according to preprogrammed specifications. With a robotic arm guiding the torch, the human-error element of fabrication is removed, resulting in more accurate cuts and less waste.

Faster Turnarounds of Processed Materials

CNC plasma cutters are typically designed to handle every step of the fabrication, eliminating the need for manual processes like measuring, cutting, and drilling. By optimizing fabrications, CNC plasma cutting tables can free up time for technicians to move on to other tasks. Indeed, equipping your shop with advanced CNC plasma cutting technology can greatly reduce production times.

A Safer Work Environment

Because of their large size, moving structural steel beams always comes with the risk of damage to the material and harm to staff. Automating every process of structural steel fabrication means that the raw material only needs to be handled twice: once when loading and once when unloading. Minimizing material handling is key to a safe work environment.

Reduced Operating Costs

With fully automated operations from a CNC plasma cutting machine, cutting mistakes are all but eliminated, as are the costs associated with them. Additionally, automated processing means only one technician is needed to operate the equipment, allowing structural steel fabrication shops to maintain a lean workforce, ultimately saving on labor costs.

The Best Automated CNC Plasma Cutting Solution for Your Shop

If your structural steel fabrication business is suffering from production bottlenecks, consider having BeamCut installed in your shop. BeamCut is the industry’s leading CNC plasma cutting technology, offering state-of-the-art features and automated operations to take your business to the next level of success.

Benefits of BeamCut

BeamCut will replace your shop’s band saws, drill lines, punches, layout and marking stations, and coping and grinding stations, handling all of these individual processes in one pass. Standard profiles can be downloaded from a robust profile library and custom shapes can be drawn in the CAD software. BeamCut’s CNC controls are very easy to use and help prevent cutting mistakes by allowing you to manually calibrate cutting tolerances, nest parts, and track robotic cutting paths. Combine this advanced software with a six-axis FANUC robotic arm and powerful Hypertherm X-Definition plasma, and you’ll understand why BeamCut is making waves in the structural steel fabrication industry.

Automated Operations

Once you have a profile programmed in the CNC software and the raw material loaded into the machine, all you’ll have to do is press the start button and watch BeamCut deliver perfect fabrications. With its automated operations, BeamCut can eliminate cutting mistakes, allow you to maintain a lean workforce, and reduce production time by as much as 80%—a substantial return on investment!

To learn more about the benefits of BeamCut’s automated operations and the free and unlimited lifetime support that we’ll include with your purchase, contact us today.