CNC Software

How Does CNC Software Work?

How Does CNC Software Work?CNC stands for computer numerical control and is an automated system that allows steel fabrication machines to process parts according to a predetermined code. The benefits of CNC software are many and include better quality fabrication and a leaner workforce as it eliminates the need for multiple operators.

The Journey of Data That Drives a CNC System

CNC software operates the robotics of a plasma cutter with preprogrammed motions as outlined in digitized data. That data is interpreted by the software after moving through the CAD and CAM phases.


No matter what shape, profile, or size of the part to be fabricated, its design begins with CAD, or computer-aided design. This is a 3D model of the part to be fabricated that can be altered as needed to meet specifications.


After the 3D design is finalized in CAD, the data moves to CAM, or computer-aided machining. The essential role of CAM is to code the data for the CNC software.

Because CAD and CAM are vital for CNC, you’ll often see such systems labeled as CAD/CAM/CNC.

The Most Advanced CNC Plasma Cutting Technology

BeamCut is a revolutionary robotic plasma cutting system for the structural steel fabrication industry, powered by state-of-the-art CNC software that is exceptionally easy to use. With this technology, you can draw or import your files into CAD, or pull files from a fully developed library of shapes, before moving to CAM.

From there, you can nest your parts, manually calibrate cutting tolerances, and track robotic cut paths before moving to CNC to ensure absolute perfection. And all of these steps can be completed on one easy-to-use interface. With BeamCut’s CNC software, you can eliminate programming mistakes, optimize your materials, and reduce waste, ultimately saving on costs.

Other Benefits of BeamCut’s CNC Technology

CNC Plasma CutterBeamCut’s CNC software is so advanced that it can operate the powerful six-axis FANUC robotic arm with ease, delivering accurate fabrication for any shape or profile in the structural steel industry with the latest X-Definition plasma from Hypertherm. Plus, unlike other CNC software, it does not require an annual service contract.

Lean Manufacturing

An integral way for structural steel fabricators to save on costs is to follow best lean manufacturing practices. BeamCut’s CNC software helps with this goal by minimizing waste and labor costs. In fact, because this remarkable robotic plasma cutting technology is fully automated, processing all fabrications in one pass, only a single technician is required to operate it.

Reduced Production Times

BeamCut’s all-in-one CNC software remedies common pinch points and bottle necks in structural steel fabrication. By improving productivity and on-time deliveries, BeamCut can reduce production time by up to 80%. That’s a substantial return on investment!

To learn more about how BeamCut’s advanced yet easy-to-use CNC software can help benefit your steel fabrication business, contact us today. We’ll help you make the most of your new BeamCut with turnkey installation and onsite training, a three-year warranty, and free phone and internet support for life.