How Hypertherm’s X-Definition Plasma Improves Fabrication

How Hypertherm’s X-Definition Plasma Improves Fabrication

How X-Definition Plasma Improves ProductionBeamCut is one of the most technologically advanced robotic plasma cutting systems on the market. One of the many features that has made this fabrication technology so revered among professional fabricators is its Hypertherm XPR300 fuel source. Hypertherm’s X-Definition plasma greatly improves upon plasma-cutting capabilities and is designed to maximize the quality and productivity of your work.

Better Quality Cuts

Equipped with the XPR300 system, as well as a six-axis, 360-degree beveling FANUC robotic arm, BeamCut can deliver:

  • Perfectly sharp edges
  • Smooth surface finishes
  • Non-tapered holes
  • Excellent perpendicularity

All of these ideal characteristics of structural steel fabrication can be achieved to make downstream weldability easier—and with minimal dross. BeamCut can deliver these desirable results for nearly any shape or profile in the industry, even pipes and HSS.

BeamCut’s Safety Features

To ensure the safety of your technicians, BeamCut features a gusseted and welded safety enclosure that can easily hook up to your filtration system and will trap all plasma smoke. In fact, BeamCut exceeds OSHA standards for air quality and safety expectations.

Faster Production

BeamCut is designed to handle every step of the fabrication process in one pass, eliminating bottle necks and pinch points that can slow production. With an all-in-one design and user-friendly CAD/CAM/CNC software, this remarkable plasma cutting technology can help you maintain a lean workforce and reduce your output times by as much as 80%!

For more information about the Hypertherm XPR300 plasma system and how BeamCut can help your fabrication shop get ahead of the competition, contact us today.