How Robotic Plasma Cutting Systems Work

How Robotic Plasma Cutting Systems Work

How Robotic Plasma Cutting Systems WorkRobotic plasma cutting systems are revered by steel fabricators because of the multiple benefits these machines provide. High-velocity plasma produces cleaner cuts at a faster rate than if the fabrication was done by hand. But, not all robotic plasma cutters are equal. BeamCut is top-tier robotic plasma cutting technology that stands in a class of its own by providing better quality cuts, faster production, and so much more.

Versatile Processing & Flawless Results

BeamCut is powered by the latest X-Definition plasma from industry-leader Hypertherm and is equipped with a versatile FANUC robotic arm that can bevel 360 degrees. In fact, this state-of-the-art technology can cut any steel shape or profile known in the industry. Unlike other steel-cutting machines, BeamCut includes photo-laser and linear-laser profiling standard, further ensuring pristine fabrication.

Easy-to-Use CNC Software & Full Automation

Most plasma machines use CNC software to operate, and BeamCut is no exception. However, unlike our competitors, BeamCut’s CNC software was designed by the automation experts at Machitech to be extremely easy to use. With this 3-D simulation software, you can manually calibrate cutting tolerances, nest your parts, and track robotic cutting paths to minimize mistakes. Then, when you’re ready, simply press the start button and watch BeamCut process the entire fabrication in one pass.

Other Benefits of BeamCut

Thanks to its all-in-one design, BeamCut replaces punches, drill lines, coping and grinding stations, layout and marking stations, and band saws, freeing up valuable space in your shop and minimizing material handling. The result is a reduction in production time by up to 80 percent. And, because it only requires one technician to operate, you can save on costs by maintaining a lean staff.

To learn more about how BeamCut works and how this remarkable robotic plasma cutting technology can benefit your steel fabrication business, contact us today. When you do, be sure to ask about the onsite training and installation, as well as the free and unlimited phone and internet support, that we’ll include with your purchase.