Hull Block Construction Method (HBCM)

The Hull Block Construction Method (HBCM) of Shipbuilding

Hull Block Construction Method of Shipbuilding

The hull block construction method (HBCM) is a system of shipbuilding wherein parts and subassemblies are manufactured in separate blocks. Once work is completed on these blocks, they are moved to the main hull for installation. The steps of the HBCM process can be generally summed up in the following order:

  1. Part fabrication
  2. Part assembly
  3. Sub-block/semi-block assembly
  4. Block assembly
  5. Grand-block joining
  6. Hull erection

The Importance of Fabrication

Though a finished ship can be gargantuan in size, its base parts, made in the steps above, need to be fabricated with the utmost precision. That’s why it’s so important for shipbuilding companies to have reliable CNC plasma cutting technology at their disposal. Ensuring absolute perfection of every fabricated part is essential to the success of the ship.

A Robotic Plasma Cutting System That Is Making Waves in the Industry

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