Impact of Lean Manufacturing on Structural Steel Fabrication

Lean Manufacturing in Structural Steel FabricationMore and more structural steel fabricators who are looking to expand their business and maximize profits are following in the auto industry’s footsteps by adopting lean manufacturing processes. Lean manufacturing techniques are designed to optimize the usage of materials and lessen the amount of time spent processing. The cost savings generated by reducing waste and lessening labor hours can help a structural steel fabrication business become more profitable than its competitors.

Optimizing Material Usage

Thanks to advancements in plasma cutting technology, like nesting software and CNC controls, fabrication shops can reduce waste and associated costs. These features allow for a shape or profile to be uploaded or created, and then the software automates each step of the fabrication. The technician doesn’t have to manually guide the torch or input specific instructions; the CNC plasma cutter will follow the specifications in the file.

Minimizing Waste

With automated CNC plasma cutting, human error is all but eliminated. This means less wasted materials generated by a shaky hand or other mistakes that can occur as a result of manual cutting. And of course, less waste translates into cost savings.

Reducing Labor Costs

Automated structural steel CNC plasma cutting machines provide another unique benefit: They typically only require a single technician to operate. With the specifications already set in the CNC software, the operator only needs to load the raw material, press the start button, and unload the finished product. Gone are the factory days of old when multiple specialists were required for each process—modern plasma cutting technology can handle every step of the fabrication. Maintaining a lean workforce, in conjunction with minimizing waste, can generate significant cost savings.

How to Implement Lean Manufacturing Techniques in Your Shop

The benefits of lean manufacturing are many. If you’re looking to take your structural steel fabrication business to the next level, you’ll need industry-leading robotic plasma cutting technology on your side. BeamCut is an advanced CNC plasma cutting system that can help reduce waste and labor costs for your business.

Automated CNC Software

BeamCut’s user-friendly CNC software is equipped with a library of common profiles and can also accommodate drawing in a 3-D environment. Once the profile is loaded, the technician can manually calibrate cutting tolerances, nest parts, and track robotic cut paths to prevent mistakes.

All-in-One Operations

BeamCut is loaded with state-of-the-art features for every fabrication process. In fact, it will replace your shop’s band saws, drill lines, punches, layout and marking station, and coping and grinding station. And it only requires one technician to operate, allowing you to maintain a lean workforce.

Helping You Get Ahead

When you combine the cost savings that BeamCut can help generate for your shop by minimizing cutting errors and labor hours, it’s easy to see the remarkable benefits this advanced CNC plasma cutting technology can produce for your business. To learn more about this exceptional robotic cutting system and the lifetime support that comes with it, contact us today.