King Post Trusses vs. Queen Post Trusses

King post and queen post trusses form a sloping roof that is commonly found on residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. The primary difference between the two is that a king post truss has a single supporting post and a queen post truss has two. Applications of each depend on the size of the roof span, with king post trusses spanning 5 to 8 meters. Due to the double posts, queen post trusses have a wider span, measuring 8 to 12 meters.

King Post Trusses

King Post TrussA king post truss comprises a central post, tie beam, two struts, and two inclining rafters. The king post is connected to each part, supporting the tie beam and forming the ridge pitch where it meets the two rafters.

Queen Post Trusses

Queen Post TrussThe twin posts of a queen post truss are spaced apart and supported by an upper straining beam and lower straining sill. The posts meet the inclining rafters below the ridge pitch, and they are also connected to the tie beam and struts.



Fabricating Parts for Steel Trusses

Both king post and queen post trusses are widely used in the construction industry. While wooden trusses are more often used in residential structures, steel trusses are often required for large commercial and industrial buildings. Fabricating structural steel trusses is one specialty that professional fabricators like to offer. If you own a fabrication shop and want to improve your production of steel beams, BeamCut is the solution you’ve been waiting for.

Precise Fabrications

BeamCut is equipped with advanced FANUC robotics and powerful Hypertherm X-Definition plasma to deliver nothing short of perfection on every job. Combine these state-of-the-art features with photo-laser profiling and linear-laser measuring, both included standard, and you’ll never have to worry about cutting mistakes again.

Eliminate Waste

BeamCut’s CNC software is a cinch to use and allows you to manually calibrate cut tolerances, nest parts, and track robotic cut paths to identify and remedy any mistakes before the work begins. This can help reduce wasted materials and associated costs. Plus, the CNC software is non-proprietary and compatible with nearly any design and style.

Streamline Turnarounds

With BeamCut in your shop, you’ll have no need for drill lines, punches, band saws, layout and marking stations, and coping and grinding stations as this phenomenal robotic plasma cutting technology replaces each of these tools. Not only will this free up floor space, but it also will help streamline your production by handling every step of the fabrication in one pass. BeamCut’s automated operations remove production bottlenecks and can reduce production time by as much as 80%.

Save on Overhead

BeamCut requires only one operator, which means you can save on labor costs by maintaining a lean workforce. Combine this with the savings gained from eliminating wasted materials and speeding up your turnarounds and BeamCut delivers an exceptional return on investment!

To learn more about BeamCut, the industry’s most advanced CNC plasma cutting technology, and how it can take your steel fabrication business to the next level, contact us today.