Manufacturing Steel Scaffolding

Manufacturing Steel Scaffolding In addition to the building itself, the scaffolding used by workers during construction also requires structural steel components. And just like the steel parts used in the main structure, those used in the scaffolding must be fabricated and assembled correctly to ensure safety. Let’s take a closer look at how scaffolding is built.

Structural Steel Components Used in Scaffolding

Though scaffolding can range in shape and size, there are three common components used in scaffolding systems. These include:

  • Tubes – Steel tubes form the primary structure of scaffolding and include both the vertical and horizontal pieces of the frame.
  • Couplers – Couplers and clamps are used to connect the tubes and form the scaffolding structure. These fasteners come in different varieties, such as joint pins, gravlocks, sleeve couplers, swivel couplers, and more.
  • Decking – Serving as the floor for workers to stand on and materials to be loaded on, scaffolding decking is typically made from wood, aluminum, or steel.

Demand for Scaffolding in the Construction Industry

According to Market Research Future®, the demand for scaffolding is expected to grow in tandem with new high-rise buildings being constructed around the world. Professional fabricators who specialize in fabricating structural steel beams and plates will be well advised to add scaffolding components to their list of products.

How BeamCut Can Help Your Shop Keep Up With Demand

BeamCut is the industry’s most advanced robotic plasma cutting technology, designed to improve quality and quicken turnaround times for professional structural steel fabricators. In fact, thanks to its state-of-the-art features, BeamCut can help reduce production time in your shop by as much as 80%, providing a significant return on investment. Here are some features you’ll enjoy with your new BeamCut beam and coping machine:

FANUC Robotic Arm

The six-axis FANUC robotic arm can process any shape or profile in the industry, including HSS and pipe. BeamCut utilizes hydraulic clamps to hold round materials firmly in place, and it comes with an optional round tube cutter.

Hypertherm Plasma

Equipped with the latest X-Definition plasma, BeamCut is one of the most powerful structural steel fabrication machines of its kind.

User-Friendly CNC Software

BeamCut’s CNC software features a robust profile library to download shapes from, as well as CAD software for custom designs. The CNC software is incredibly easy to use and helps to eliminate cutting mistakes and wasted materials.

Benefits of Automation

Once you have the profile of the part pulled up in the software and the raw materials loaded into BeamCut, it’s simply a matter of pressing the start button to automate production. Indeed, BeamCut requires only one technician to operate and can therefore help save on labor costs.

Support Whenever You Need It

Another wonderful benefit of BeamCut that professional structural steel fabricators appreciate is the free and unlimited lifetime support. We have our customers’ backs and are available whenever our expertise is needed.

For more information about BeamCut and how it can improve your production of structural steel beams, plates, and scaffolding materials, contact us today.