Reducing Costs of Structural Steel Fabrication Without Cutting Corners

Reducing Costs of Structural Steel Fabrication Without Cutting Corners

Reducing Costs of Structural Steel FabricationStructural steel fabrication is a booming industry full of talented fabricators who excel at their work. In order to stay ahead of the competition, your fabrication company needs to deliver impeccable workmanship of every steel beam that leaves the shop. And that top-tier work needs to be maintained even when you’re looking to reduce your overhead costs. So, how do you lower costs without sacrificing the quality of your work?

State-of-the-Art Robotic Plasma Cutting Technology

The answer is BeamCut, the industry’s leading fabrication technology. Equipped with advanced FANUC robotics and powerful X-Definition plasma, BeamCut can not only help improve the quality of your structural steel fabrication, but it can also help you save on the costs of:

Wasted Materials

BeamCut’s six-axis robotic arm can bevel 360 degrees and can cut any shape or profile in the industry. Combine this excellent versatility with photo-laser profiling and linear-laser measuring, both included standard, and you can bet that your fabrication will be perfect on the first pass, reducing the risk of wasted materials and associated costs.

Furthermore, the user-friendly CAD/CAM/CNC software makes it easy to manually calibrate cutting tolerances, nest parts, and track robotic cut paths so that you can find and fix any flaws in the fabrication before they happen, further eliminating the risk of wasted materials and expenses.


In your structural steel fabrication shop, you likely have a layout and marking station, drill line, punch press, band saw, and coping and grinding station. How much space do all of these machines use up? BeamCut is designed to handle every step of the fabrication in one pass and, therefore, replaces all of these tools. And, because the whole operation is automated, only one technician is required to run the simulations, load the materials, and hit the start button, allowing you to maintain a lean workforce.

Material Handling

By processing every step of the fabrication, BeamCut reduces the need for excessive material handling. Every time raw steel is moved, there is a risk of accidental damage to the material and physical harm to your staff should an incident occur. BeamCut’s all-in-one design minimizes these risks by optimizing your materials and making your shop safer, ultimately saving on unplanned-for costs.

Lengthy Production Schedules

It’s a good feeling knowing you have a full roster of projects awaiting your expertise. However, you also want to ensure you’re outpacing your competitors with timely deliveries. Thanks to BeamCut’s fully automated operations, you’ll know that the fabrication is being processed with the utmost precision, allowing you to move on to the next project and keep your deliverables moving out the door. Indeed, BeamCut can reduce production time in your shop by as much as 80%—a significant return on investment!

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BeamCut is the solution you’ve been waiting for to help get your structural steel fabrication company ahead in the industry. To help with your goals of reducing costs and improving production, we’ll include turnkey installation and onsite training anywhere your shop is located in the U.S. And, we’ll be available any time you need us with free phone and internet support for life. Contact us today to learn more.