S-Shaped American Standard Beams

S-Shaped American Standard Beams

S-Shaped American Standard BeamThe American Standard S-Beam is a type of I-beam that resists bending and shear loads and is commonly used in construction, shipbuilding, and other industries. An S-beam has roughly the same profile as an I-beam, but instead of horizontal flanges, it has tapered flanges that slope away from the inside surface. Additionally, the flanges are narrower than the web, whereas on an I-beam, they are the same size.

American Standard Beam Sizes

S-beams are typically listed with a number that indicates the depth of the beam in inches, and may also include its weight in pounds. For instance, an S24 beam measures 24 inches in depth, and an S8 X 23 beam indicates 8 inches in depth and a weight of 23 pounds.

Perfectly Fabricated S-Beams

If you’re a structural steel fabricator, you know that quality matters. To ensure you’re able to produce the perfect American Standard S-beams, you can rely on BeamCut, the most advanced structural steel fabrication technology on the market. Utilizing state-of-the-art, six-axis FANUC robotics, Hypertherm’s latest X-Definition plasma, and user-friendly CNC software, BeamCut can process any shape or profile in the industry, including American Standard S-beams.

BeamCut can free up valuable space in your shop by replacing traditional drill lines, punches, band saws, coping and grinding stations, and layout and marking stations,. Because it can process every step of the fabrication in one pass, it only requires one technician to operate, allowing you to maintain a lean workforce.

Furthermore, with BeamCut, you can manually calibrate cutting tolerances, nest your parts, and track robotic cutting paths to eliminate mistakes and reduce waste. In fact, BeamCut can greatly improve the quality of your work and the speed at which it is performed, reducing production time by up to 80%.

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