Should You Include a Sheet-Cutting Water Table with Your BeamCut?

Sheet-Cutting Table, Steel FabricationBeamCut is an advanced robotic plasma cutting system that includes a range of state-of-the-art features that can help make your fabrication more pristine, reduce your overall production time by as much as 80 percent, and provide a substantial ROI for your structural steel fabrication business. In addition to industry-leading FANUC robotics, the latest Hypertherm X-Definition plasma, and user-friendly CNC software, there are optional features that you can choose to include with your BeamCut, such as a sheet-cutting water table.

Benefits of a Water Table

Though fabricating on a water table is quickly becoming old hat due to advancements in steel plasma cutting technology, some fabricators still prefer to use one for their operations. And, the benefits are hard to ignore. A sheet-cutting water table can:

  • Minimize noise
  • Prevent fumes from escaping
  • Catch slag
  • Eliminate dangerous arc flashes
  • Reduce heat distortion by keeping the materials cool

BeamCut’s Safety Cabinet & Smoke Trap

Using a water table is an effective way to catch smoke and fumes. However, BeamCut’s safety enclosure goes the extra mile to ensure the air in your shop is free from pollutants that could damage the health of your staff. Its safety cabinet/smoke trap is gusseted and welded for rigidity and to eliminate vibration, can easily hook up to your filtration system, and traps plasma smoke effectively. In fact, BeamCut’s safety enclosure exceeds OSHA and Canadian standards for air quality and safety expectations.

At BeamCut Systems, we’re blazing new trails for state-of-the-art structural steel fabrication technology, but we also understand how important a sheet-cutting water table can be for your business. Contact us today to learn more about this optional feature available with your new BeamCut.