Staying Safe While Fabricating Steel

Staying Safe While Fabricating Steel

Staying Safe While Fabricating SteelFabricating structural steel is an art form that requires experience and skill. It also requires a keen sense of safety precautions as operating fabrication machines can be risky if not done properly. Here are some general tips to stay safe while fabricating structural steel:

Learn the Industry’s Best Safety Practices

If you’re just starting out in the industry, you likely have a mentor that is showing you the ropes. And while learning fabrication techniques is exciting, it’s also important to learn how to do the work safely. Take your mentor’s advice on how to properly use the equipment so that you can avoid any accidents.

Wear Proper Clothing

It’s common for steel fabricators to wear gloves and long sleeves to keep their skin concealed from sparks and steel debris that may be kicked up during fabrication. However, loose clothing should be avoided as it can get caught in the machinery, which can lead to injury to the fabricator and damage to the equipment.

BeamCut’s Safety Features

BeamCut, the industry’s most advanced structural steel fabrication technology, is equipped with a state-of-the-art safety enclosure that can hook up to nearly any filtration system and effectively traps plasma smoke. In fact, BeamCut exceeds OSHA standards for air quality and safety expectations, making it one of the safest systems on the market, assuming the operator is following safety protocols.

To learn more about the safety features of BeamCut, or about how this remarkable CNC plasma cutting technology can elevate your structural steel fabrication business, contact us today.