Common Pain Points of Structural Steel Fabrication

How BeamCut Remedies Common Pain Points That Structural Steel Fabricators Face

Structural Steel Fabrication Pain PointsBeamCut, the industry’s most advanced structural steel fabrication technology, was designed to address common pain points that professional fabricators experience with their production. If any of the issues listed below resonate with your shop’s deficiencies, keep reading to learn how BeamCut can help pull your business out of its rut and attain new levels of success.

Damaged Materials

Damage sustained to structural steel can lead to corrosion, rendering the material unusable. And, if the finished product is meant to be seen, such as a metal sign or exposed beam, any nicks or scratches can hamper the aesthetic you’re trying to achieve.

BeamCut Minimizes Material Handling

Almost all damage occurs when the steel material is transferred from one machine to the next. BeamCut minimizes material handling with its all-on-one design. In fact, BeamCut replaces punches, drill presses, band saws, coping and grinding stations, and layout and marking stations, eliminating excessive transferring of the steel.

Too Much Overhead

Combine the costs of damaged materials and the fluctuating prices of raw steel, and it’s easy to find yourself getting buried in overhead. And, if you have a different technician on staff for every step of the fabrication, your labor costs can further eat into your profit.

BeamCut Allows for Lean Manufacturing

BeamCut can handle every step of the fabrication in one pass thanks to its fully automated operations. After loading the profile in the CAD/CAM/CNC software, you can manually calibrate cutting tolerances, nest parts, and track robotic cutting paths—ensuring no costly mistakes during fabrication—and BeamCut is ready to go. Load the materials, press the start button, and watch the magic happen. BeamCut only requires one technician to operate, allowing you to maintain a lean workforce and save on costs.

Production Backlog

It’s always a good feeling knowing your skills are in demand, but if you’re not equipped to keep up with all the projects that are coming your way, production can lag and your deliveries start to run behind. Structural steel fabrication is a competitive industry, and if you’re not able to meet your customers’ deadlines, you may lose out on future opportunities.

BeamCut Speeds Production

With the power of BeamCut’s automated fabrication technology at your behest, you’ll find that you can move finished projects out the door much more quickly. In fact, BeamCut can reduce your production time by as much as 80%. That’s a significant return on investment!

Outdated Equipment

Aging fabrication machines require heavy maintenance and may not be equipped to handle the amount of work you need to process. Plus, structural steel fabrication technology has made great advancements in recent years, rendering older equipment virtually obsolete.

BeamCut Is State-of-the-Art

As the leading robotic plasma cutting technology, BeamCut features a 6-axis FANUC robotic arm that can bevel 360 degrees, making short work of any shape and profile in the industry, even HSS. Additionally, BeamCut is fueled by the latest X-Definition plasma from Hypertherm, one of the most powerful plasma sources available.

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