Types of Staircases Every Structural Steel Fabricator Should Know How to Make

Types of Steel Staircases, Structural Steel Fabrication

Whether designed to enhance aesthetics or emphasize functionality, steel staircases are always in demand. As a structural steel fabricator, you likely welcome the challenge of manufacturing staircases for your customers. Here are a few of the most common types of staircases that you should be able to fabricate:

Classic & Contemporary

If a staircase is meant to be used in a public space, such as a stadium, museum, or theater, the architect will likely be expecting to see either a dutiful rendition of a classic minimalist European staircase or a modern equivalent that may feature floating stairs and attractive geometric shapes.


On the other end of the spectrum, there are industries that require steel staircases for their operations. In these cases, the staircases are designed simply for use. Industrial staircases may have perforated stairs, and bolts and screws may be visible on the handrails.


Though an image of a fancy interior design may be what comes to mind when you think of a spiral staircase, these types of stairs are also common in industrial settings, such as on ships and bridges. The compact design usually involves the handrails serving a dual purpose as the joints for the stairs, making a spiral staircase an ideal option for when space is limited.

How You Can Fabricate a Perfect Staircase Every Time

No matter what type of staircase you’re hired to manufacture, you can rest assured that the final product will be of the utmost quality with BeamCut on your side. BeamCut is the industry’s leading fabrication technology that brings together state-of-the-art features that can make your structural steel fabrication business a success.

FANUC Robotics

BeamCut’s FANUC robotic arm has six axes, can bevel 360 degrees, and is three times stronger than the industry standard. In fact, it can fabricate any shape or profile required for your staircase.

Hypertherm X-Definition Plasma

Fueled by Hypertherm’s legendary X-Definition plasma, BeamCut is one of the most powerful robotic plasma cutting systems on the market.

CAD/CAM/CNC Software

BeamCut’s CNC software is exceptionally easy to use and fully automated. It will allow you to manually calibrate cutting tolerances, nest parts, and track robotic cutting paths to prevent mistakes.

Benefits of BeamCut

With these remarkable features, BeamCut can help lower costs by minimizing cutting mistakes, allowing you to maintain a lean workforce, and reducing your production time by as much as 80%. To help you in these efforts, your new BeamCut will include free installation and onsite training anywhere your shop is located in the United States, as well as free internet and phone support for life.

For more information about BeamCut and how it can improve your fabrication of steel staircases, contact us today.