Types of Steel Wind Turbine Towers

Types of Steel Wind Turbine Towers As the world moves toward more renewable energy resources, wind turbines are increasingly popping up to take advantage of the natural phenomena of wind power. These turbines tend to be massive in size and therefore made from steel, as the strength of this material can support the heavy weight of these power-generating structures. Here are the industry’s most common types of steel wind turbine towers:

Tubular Steel Towers

Tubular steel towers tend to have a conical shape with the diameter of the tower becoming smaller as it rises above the base, which is made from a structural steel plate. Individual segments of tubular steel towers tend to range from 20–30 meters in length. The strength of this design allows tubular towers to handle the heavy weight of the turbine.

Lattice Towers

Rather than flat plates, lattice towers are constructed with multiple segments of steel that are soldered together. The benefits of this design include a lower cost and a more agile structure that allows wind to cross the base and tower, reducing overall stress on the structure. One drawback, however, is that lattice towers lack the sleek aesthetics of other types of wind turbine towers and therefore are not used as often.

Bolted Steel Towers

Bolted steel towers are comprised of individual and prefabricated steel tubes (or shells) that are bolted one on top of the other at the installation site. This design allows bolted steel towers to reach heights not attainable by other types of wind turbine towers. It also makes them easier to build, often resulting in speedy assemblies.

Steel Hybrid Towers

Steel hybrid towers add concrete as a resource for enhanced strength. The concrete typically serves as the base for a steel tower. Industry experts suggest that this design is the future, as it offers the greatest strength and longevity for wind power generation. Of course, this type of wind turbine tower is limited to onshore applications.

Fabricating Parts for Steel Wind Turbine Towers

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