Types of Structural Steel

structural steel cross sections on a bridgeAbout 25% of a building’s construction is made up of structural steel, which is used in beams, columns, frames, bars, and plates. Differing types of structural steel are used depending on the application, as some are stronger than others and some offer better corrosion resistance. Here is a breakdown of common types of structural steel:


Known for low cost, exceptional yield strength, and easy machinability, A36 structural steel is one of the most widely used steel types in the industry. It can elongate to about 20% of its original length and is commonly used in columns, beams, and decking.


A high-strength low-alloy (HSLA) steel, A572 structural steel plate offers a similar tensile strength to A36 but weighs less, making it a popular material for transmission towers, bridges, and similar structures. Its low-alloy makeup also makes it easy to weld.


A588 structural steel has a greater yield and tensile strength (>46,000 psi) than A36 and A572 and better resists corrosion due to exposure to the elements. Therefore, it is the ideal structural steel material for outdoor applications.


With a yield strength of 100,000 psi, A514 structural steel is one of the strongest of its kind. This high-performance option can elongate between 16–18% of its original form and is typically used to support heavy loads in high-wear applications.

Fabricating Structural Steel

Structural steel is in high demand, and fabrication shops need the right tools to get ahead in the crowded industry, which is why they trust the power of BeamCut. As the most advanced CNC plasma cutting technology for structural steel and plate fabrication, BeamCut is equipped with state-of-the-art features that can take structural steel fabrication businesses to the next level of success.

State-of-the-Art Features

BeamCut is designed to elevate and grow with your business. Standard features include:

  • An advanced, six-axis FANUC robotic arm that can bevel 360 degrees and process any shape or profile in the industry
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  • User-friendly CNC software that eliminates cutting errors and automates production
  • Photo-laser profiling and linear-laser measuring to deliver perfect cuts every time

These features work together to produce excellent benefits for your shop, including reduced waste, streamlined operations, and a leaner workforce, delivering an impressive ROI. BeamCut can help improve the quality of your work, reduce production times by as much as 80%, and free up space in your shop by replacing your band saws, punches, drill lines, coping and grinding stations, and layout and marking stations.

Exceptional Service

With your purchase of this remarkable robotic plasma cutting system, you’ll receive turnkey installation and onsite training, as well as free and unlimited remote support for life. Should you ever need assistance with your BeamCut machine, we’ll be available to help!

To learn more about BeamCut, a revolutionary CNC plasma cutting system for structural steel fabrication, contact us today.