What Is a CNC Plasma Cutter and How Is It Used to Fabricate Structural Steel?

a plasma-cutting machines processing structural steelCNC plasma cutting tables are valuable tools in the structural steel fabrication industry. These machines are powerful enough to cut through thick steel beams and plates that will eventually be used in the construction of a building, bridge, ship, or another structure, precisely meeting the blueprint specifications. Plasma cutting tables that are equipped with CNC technology provide added benefits to structural steel and plate fabrication shops, as they automate production and eliminate imperfections that can result from fabricating by hand.

How Plasma Cutting Works

Structural steel is a versatile material that is strong and flexible enough to support immense weight. It is also relatively inexpensive compared to other steel alloys—all reasons why it is so commonly used in construction and shipbuilding projects. As durable as the material is, however, structural steel beams and plates need to be thick to withstand the intense pressure of a fully built structure. How can such a tough material that may measure up to two inches thick be cut? With the intense heat generated by a plasma torch.

In a plasma torch, oxygen or another gas is forced through a miniscule nozzle at intense speed. At the exact same time, an electric arc is generated, which transforms the gas into plasma that can reach a temperature of 45,000 degrees Fahrenheit or 25,000 degrees Celsius. That’s hot! Hot enough, in fact, to melt the material and leave behind clean cut paths.

How CNC Technology Improves Structural Steel and Plate Fabrication

Many structural steel fabrication companies choose to equip their plasma cutting tables with CNC technology. CNC stands for “computer numerical control,” and the software allows profiles to be quickly uploaded for processing. And when the work begins, the CNC technology controls the cutting torch, delivering perfect results and eliminating costly waste. Automating the fabrication process can also significantly speed up production, helping fabrication shops stay on schedule.

The Best CNC Plasma Cutting Machine for Structural Steel Fabrication

It’s hard to deny the many benefits of CNC plasma cutting technology when it comes to structural steel fabrication. Shop owners who want to take their business to the next level of success with a state-of-the-art CNC plasma cutter can rely on the power of BeamCut. Equipped with industry-leading features, BeamCut is designed to optimize the structural steel and plate fabrication process.

Features of BeamCut

This remarkable plasma cutting technology helps improve production with the following advanced features:

  • FANUC robotics – a six-axis robotic arm that can bevel 360 degrees and process nearly any profile in the industry
  • Hypertherm X-Definition plasma – one of the most powerful plasma systems of its kind
  • User-friendly CNC software – non-proprietary and comes with a fully loaded library of shapes

Benefits of BeamCut

Shop owners can expect a significant return on their investment in BeamCut, as this impressive CNC plasma cutting solution can reduce production time by as much as 80%. Here are some other great benefits of BeamCut:

  • Eliminates cutting mistakes and related costs
  • Minimizes material handling, improving safety
  • Requires only one technician to operate, supporting lean manufacturing goals
  • Replaces punches, drill lines, band saws, coping and grinding stations, and layout and marking stations thanks to its all-in-one design

Learn More About BeamCut—the Industry’s Leading Robotic Plasma Cutting System

If you own a structural steel and plate fabrication shop and want to learn more about how BeamCut can take your business to the next level, contact us today. When you do, be sure to ask about the free and unlimited lifetime support that we’ll include with your purchase.