Why Choose Plasma Cutting vs. Laser Pipe Cutting

Why You Should Choose Plasma Cutting Technology Over a Laser Cutting Machine for Your Fabrication

Why Choose Plasma Cutting vs. Laser Pipe CuttingIn order to consistently produce pristine fabrication, you need a high-quality steel cutting machine, and you may be wondering if you should invest in a plasma cutter or a laser cutter for your shop. When you consider all the advantages that BeamCut – an advanced robotic plasma cutting system – has to offer, it’ll be easy to see why this remarkable option is far superior to a laser cutter.

BeamCut Can Process Nearly Any Size & Type of Metal

Laser cutters are limited by the type of metal they can fabricate. Plus, they can typically only process thin sheets of metal of up to 25mm. BeamCut, on the other hand, can process any metal and can easily handle large materials, including industrial I-beams and block construction for shipbuilding, thanks to its powerful FANUC robotic arm and X-Definition plasma.

BeamCut Helps to Minimize Waste

BeamCut produces smaller kerf than laser cutters, resulting in less wasted materials. Plus, with its easy-to-use, 3-D simulation CNC software, you can manually calibrate cutting tolerances, nest your parts, and track robotic cutting paths to eliminate mistakes, further minimizing waste.

BeamCut Features Leading Safety Technology

One aspect of plasma cutting that may concern some fabricators is safety – a concern that BeamCut erases with state-of-the-art safety features. BeamCut’s safety enclosure is gusseted and welded for rigidity, includes a locking door mechanism, and can easily hook up to your filtration system. In fact, BeamCut exceeds OSHA standards for air quality and safety expectations.

To learn more about BeamCut and how its revolutionary robotic plasma cutting technology can elevate your steel fabrication business, contact us today. When you do, be sure to ask about the turnkey installation and training services, as well as the free lifetime internet and phone support, that we’ll include with your purchase.