Why Structural Steel Is Still Relevant in the Construction Industry

Why Structural Steel Is Still Relevant in the Construction Industry

Why Structural Steel Is Still Relevant in Construction IndustryThe construction industry is booming and the demand for structural steel is high. Indeed, when you consider the many benefits this material lends to the design of a building, it’s easy to see why structural steel fabricators are working harder than ever before. So, why is structural steel so important?


Thanks to its high strength-to-weight ratio, steel can support the weight of massive structures better than other materials, such as concrete, and take up far less space.


Steel is flexible and can be fabricated into nearly any shape in the architectural plan, making it an ideal option both for supporting the weight of the structure on the inside and for adding aesthetic appeal on the outside.

Low Cost

The cost of steel has risen at a fraction of the pace as other materials over the years, and its production has steadily fallen in man-hours. Today, steel is one of the most affordable building materials on the market.


Most structural steel beams are made from recycled materials. Indeed, a lot of new structures are made with steel that was recycled from buildings that were demolished.

How You Can Get Ahead in the Structural Steel Fabrication Industry

If you’re a structural steel fabricator, you’ll want to know about BeamCut, the industry’s most advanced robotic plasma cutting technology. Thanks to BeamCut’s six-axis FANUC robotics, powerful Hypertherm plasma, and automated CNC software, it can help minimize pinch points and bottlenecks in your shop, reducing your production time by as much as 80%. That way, you can keep pace with demand and deliver outstanding fabrications for your customers.

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