Why the XPR300 Plasma System Is a Big Deal for Beam Cutting

Why the XPR300 Plasma System Is a Big Deal for Beam Cutting

BeamCut is an extraordinary robotic plasma cutting system that can help elevate your steel fabrication business to a new level of success. Together with its fully automated CNC software and 360-degree beveling FANUC robotics, BeamCut’s XPR300 Hypertherm plasma source has helped this system revolutionize the steel fabrication process for industry professionals. What makes this X-Definition plasma so special? Consider that it can:

Improve Cut Quality

Compared to similar technology, Hypertherm’s XPR300 plasma is designed to better align and focus the plasma arc and keep it steady during production. The result is more precise cuts, less angularity, and cleaner finishes.

Increase Production Speed

With 300 amps and 63 kilowatts of power, the XPR300 plasma system is more efficient and can increase the speed of your fabrication by 10 to 50 percent, depending on the thickness of the material you work with.

A Company that Has Your Back

Better quality fabrication and increased production are only the beginning of the benefits you’ll enjoy with BeamCut on your side. This remarkable X-Definition plasma machine for steel fabrication also features easy-to-use, fully automated CNC software that will help eliminate costly mistakes by allowing you to manually calibrate cutting tolerances, nest your parts, and track robotic cutting paths all on one interface. And, because it can handle the entire fabrication in one go, BeamCut replaces conventional machines such as drill lines and band saws, and it only requires one technician to operate.

To help your steel fabrication business attain a new level of success, we’ll include turnkey installation and training services, as well as free and unlimited phone and internet support for life. Contact us today to learn more about industry-leading XPR300 plasma or about how BeamCut can reduce your production time by as much as 80 percent.