What Does a Structural Steel Fabricator Do?

What Does a Structural Steel Fabricator Do A professional who specializes in structural steel and plate fabrication processes raw materials into workable shapes to be used in the construction of structures that can range from arenas and skyscrapers to large ships and bridges. Though the parts they manufacturer are typically oversized, precision is an absolute must—if the final products do not match the specifications of the blueprints exactly, they cannot be used in the project. That’s why many structural steel fabricators use automated CNC plasma cutters, as these tools ensure quality and minimize mistakes.

Skills Required to Fabricate Structural Steel

A structural steel fabricator must be able to read blueprints and accurately code the specifications into the CNC software. Additionally, they need to be comfortable working with CAD, or computer-aided design, software because the project may call for uniquely shaped profiles that may have to be drawn by hand.

Pursuing a Career in Structural Steel & Plate Fabrication

Most times, a high school diploma is all that’s needed to enter a training program or apprenticeship, though a strong understanding of math, construction, and mechanical knowledge are a must. From there, a novice fabricator can train to be certified in the field. Many industry organizations offer structural steel certifications, including the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association International (FMA) and the American Institute of Steel Construction. Certifications include Precision Sheet Metal Operator Certification (PSMO) and the Precision Press Brake Certification (PPB). Though not required for a job, many vocational schools offer specialized training, such as reading blueprints, that can position a candidate for success when entering the structural steel and plate fabrication industry.

How Professionals Ensure Quality Work

The hard truth of the matter is that the structural steel fabrication industry is highly competitive. For professionals to make a name for themselves, they need to not only have the proper training but also the right equipment to ensure they produce quality work, minimize costly mistakes, and meet their deadlines. That is exactly why so many structural steel fabricators rely on the power of BeamCut, the industry’s most advanced CNC plasma cutting technology.

The Power of BeamCut

BeamCut is equipped with state-of-the-art features to help structural steel and plate fabrication shops get ahead in the industry. These features include:

FANUC Robotics

BeamCut’s six-axis FANUC robotic arm can bevel 360 degrees and process any shape or profile required by the blueprints. It is three times stronger and lasts three times longer than the industry standard.

Hypertherm Plasma

Hypertherm’s legendary X-Definition plasma is one of the most powerful of its kind and can easily slice through structural steel and plate.

CNC Software

BeamCut’s user-friendly CNC software allows the fabricator to manually calibrate cutting tolerances, nest parts, and track robotic cut paths to eliminate cutting mistakes.

Support for Life

As if its advanced technology wasn’t enough, BeamCut also includes free and unlimited support for life, providing a reliable lifeline for professional structural steel fabricators looking to edge out the competition. To learn more about the phenomenal power of BeamCut, contact us today.